The Autism Mom (& Dad) is a tired trope we all know: she knocks down doors, she never takes no for an answer, sheโ€™s fierce and sheโ€™s on the ball. But like kids with Autism are just kids at their core, parents of people on the spectrum are just parents: imperfect, anxious, confused, overbearing (especially us Jewish ones!), but above all, loving.

Jewish Autism Podcast is a bi-weekly (ish) podcast in which Ariella and Rabbi Simcha (aka the dream team) explore the experience of parenting a kid with Autism, joined by special guests including (but not limited to!) other Autism parents, educators, Autistic self-advocates, and maybe even a celeb or two from the Jewish community and beyond.

Topics cover the gamut from advice on dealing with everyday situations to political policy to wider socio-cultural challenges to religious observance and Autism.

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