The Autism Mom (& Dad) is a tired trope we all know: she knocks down doors, she never takes no for an answer, she’s fierce and she’s on the ball. But like kids with Autism are just kids at their core, parents of people on the spectrum are just parents: imperfect, anxious, confused, overbearing (especially us Jewish ones!), but above all, loving.

Jewish Autism Podcast is a bi-weekly (ish) podcast in which Ariella and Rabbi Simcha (aka the dream team) explore the experience of parenting a kid with Autism, joined by special guests including (but not limited to!) other Autism parents, educators, Autistic self-advocates, and maybe even a celeb or two from the Jewish community and beyond.

Topics cover the gamut from advice on dealing with everyday situations to political policy to wider socio-cultural challenges to religious observance and Autism.

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