Our Story

We’re a Brooklyn-based couple on a mission to make our community a more comfortable place for Autistic individuals and their families.

Together, we founded the Jewish Autism Network, a global shtetl where you can kvell and kvetch with people who get it!

Art Ability Expo:
Celebrating Neurodiverse Artists and Allies

Individuals on the spectrum aren't just artful, they’re powerful, and their work offers a valuable insight into neurodiversity. Art can be a way to express feelings that you can’t easily articulate and advocate for a cause or belief.

Jewish Autism Network
Facebook Group

Join our online spectrum shtetl, membership is for those with ‘lived experience’ of autism. We have a few ground rules and a simple vetting process but in short we all share the responsibility to create a place of support for each other.

Jewish #AcutallyAutistic Network
Facebook Group

Autistic voices have been (and continue to be) marginalized within the Jewish community and the world at large. Join our peer-led Facebook group for autistic adults only. Building new friendships, expanding social skills, and growing support systems with similar experienced individuals.

We provide a warm, independent, nonjudgmental place to connect, community outreach, and practical support for Autistic self-advocates.

We're neither establishment nor experts: we’re families, and we’re stronger together.

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