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In our most difficult moments, we derived considerable strength from talking to families who had been in the same boat and had found solutions that worked for them. Parents of people on the spectrum are just parents: imperfect, anxious, confused, overbearing (especially us Jewish ones!), but above all, loving. A side benefit of our Autism journey has been fostering powerful friendships forged by a shared understanding.


Later, we decided to create a private directory of parents from the community who understand the unique experience of parenting a child with Autism. Get in touch with us and we can help you make the perfect connection, whether you’re in need of support or looking to give it.

You are an untapped resource who can provide practical and emotional guidance to others, even by simply sharing what you’re going through. Never underestimate the amount of clinical expertise you’ve gained from being the parent of a child on the spectrum.

Your wisdom is worth a PhD (or two)!