Meet the Mishpacha


An entertainment insider turned rabbi turned Dad-vocate, Rabbi Simcha has been dubbed “New York’s Hippest Rabbi” by PBS. He’s an experienced campus rabbi and hospital chaplain who moonlights as an author of bestselling books.


An (over) protective “mother-warrior” and rebbetzin who hates being called either of those things. She is a special education child therapist who always brings her work home with her and makes a mean taco salad.


EMO Hispid (Hasidic-Hipster hybrid) skateboarder on a mission to finish college.


Rock star. He loves music, chilling out, fruit roll-ups, and tackling new skills. He divides his time between residential school in Boston and family in Brooklyn – because he’s too cool for just one state.

Orah Bina

A fashionista and gymnastics star who was voted “Miss Positivity” in summer camp.


Mini-Menstch, Eli’s best friend and a mean Pokemon card shark.